Women Wellness – Women Worries, Stress, Lough and Wonder!

Women Wellness

Well all thewomen wonder, worry and laugh. I will tell you in detail why women do thesethings from mindful living to stress relief.

Why women worry?

The women wellness related to the brain and the brain is full of neurotransmitters that float throughout the body. Women have life and she is also a human being. Life is not happy as ever it is a pack full of happiness with sadness, good things with bad things, stress with stress relief, hard work with relaxation, etc. And women worry more than men because they think which things have happened in the past will occur in the future. She thinks and thinks which puts stress on her brain. When the brain is under pressure then one thing it does and that is just put the person in the worry zone.

Once you are in the zone you will feel everything that happens with you is bad for example, something has happened to you is good but you are in the zone of worry you take it as a bad thing. Recent studies have shown that your anxiety risks are more than men. You take family pressure, cultural pressure, social pressure, economic pressure, financial pressure, etc. The anxiety risks increases after the puberty, low or high levels of estrogen in your body, etc. Due to anxiety, you will get post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, paralyze, etc.

How to get relief from stress?

Now you knowthe things related to your worry but now you want to know about the way to getrelief from it. Well that is a million dollar question. But I will give you theanswer is exercise a little that will improve your sleep and stress hormones inthe body. Reduce the intake of tea or coffee by doing this it will lower thecaffeine in your body which is good for you. You should enjoy your favoritemusic by hearing it that will also lower your stress. Spend your precious timewith your family members or with your best friends. By doing these things yourstress will reduce and your life will get much better.

Women Laugh:

Laugh is anexpression which is used to express the happiness. Women laugh because theywanted to. They are just like the other human beings also they have a beautifulheart. When heart is happy then the person is happy. You won’t believe thatwomen are happy all the people around her feel happiness. When women are sadthen except her loved ones no one feels sad for her.

The women’ssmile is so much beautiful and when someone sees her laughing they just lovedthem.  If you are worried then laugh likenever before it will give relief to your muscles by relaxing them also providereliefs you from stress. Laugh improves your mood and immune system.

Women wonder about:

She wondersabout having an exceptional life. But can’t have it because of her lifeproblems and work.

My Opinion:

You shouldenjoy every single moment of your life.