What is depression? What causes depression?


This is a major depressive disorder which is common and it is a serious mental illness. It has a bad effect on your feelings, how you act and how you think. This leads to a variety of physical and emotional problems. Also reduces the capability and ability of a person to function properly at home or office. Causes the sadness feelings and loss of interest in those activities once you enjoyed a lot. It persists and affects our lives extensively.

7.6 % of people above the age of 12 have depression in a week for two times according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that if we look globally there are about 350 million is affected from depression and this is the leading cause of disability also the most common mental illness world widely. Research has been proved that women have depressive episodes as compared to the men.

It is different from alterations in mood which people has experienced in their normal routine of life. Every day you face challenges in your life and you get emotional for some time this does not mean that you have this depression or having a depressive episode. When someone from your beloved ones dies then you have grief and sad feelings then that doesn’t is depression until it do not persists.

Ways to Manage Depression:

Support Network: To help yourself then you have to build a support network in which your family members or friends help you to talk on everything you are facing daily in your life.

Improve your sleep: Do not use any electronic device before you go to sleep. If you do work in your bed or bedroom it will cause you stress rather than relaxation. Sleep properly on time.

Wellness tool: Well it is a set of tools that will help to soothe yourself when you are feeling upset. You should listen to your favorite music, take a bath, sit and talk with your loved ones, etc in your wellness tools.

Beat Hesitancy: Fatigue and difficulty in concentration makes hesitancy tempting. A person should set short term goals and deadlines to manage their work also for the achievement of goals. By doing this it will beat your hesitancy.

Improve your Eating Habits: Studies have shown that by improving nutrients in your diet can prevent and treat mental illness. Talk with your physicians before following a diet.

Reduce your stress: If you have stress then uses the techniques to reduce it. When you are having stress episode so try to control it without even saying a word.

Story to inspire you:

Wanda Hampton:

I have used 44 ways to overcome depression. Sometimes she goes into depressive moods when she doesn’t remember to take care of her emotionally or physically. She uses massage therapy, eats comfort food, aromatherapy, etc then she feels better and steps away from darkness.

Kate also spends her precious time in doing the artistic and creative things which limit her from going in depressive moods. She also said that ‘’When I use the external medicines in conscious combination my depression becomes my past, not my present.’’