What is Bipolar? How do you diagnose Bipolar?

What is Bipolar?

Bipolar is a mental disorder marked by extreme shifts in moods, energy and the ability to do daily tasks. This is also known as manic depression or bipolar disease. There are many factors that increase the risk of it and contribute in developing of Bipolar. Some recent studies have shown that brains of people who are suffering from it are different from healthy brain of normal people or other people with serious mental disorders.

It runs in the family through inheritance. Children’s parent or sibling has this disorder will develop it in them more than any other child who do not have this in their family history. Genes are also responsible for getting Bipolar. It brings high and low swings of mood, changes in thinking, energy, sleep and behavior. People who have this will experience a time period in which they feel happy and energetic also other time have feeling sad, sluggish and hopeless.

You should think there are two poles of mood of high and low that is why it is called Bipolar. Most of the people with it are spending more time having depression symptoms than manic. Also experienced by people have intense emotions, unusual behaviors, alterations in activity level and sleep pattern.


There are four types of it are discussed as below:

Bipolar 1: It is defined by manic episodes that last for days or weeks. And the word manic means the times when you are dealing with this mental illness feels confident and extremely excited. In this person have hallucinations and delusions.

Symptoms: Restlessness, poor judgment, use of alcohol, rapid speech, excessive excitement, more impulsive, less sleep, make unrealistic plan, etc.

Bipolar 2: This is a pattern of depression and the word depressive mean times that when a person feels depressed or very sad. It lasts for two weeks.

Symptoms: Insomnia, sadness, can’t concentrate, hopelessness, irritability, suicidal thoughts, need more sleep, attempts suicide, uncontrollable crying, trouble in making decisions, etc.

Cyclothymic: It is also called cyclothymia and has time periods that includes hypomanic symptoms and depressive symptoms that lasts for 2 years.

Symptoms: worthlessness, more impulsive, excessive happiness, irritation, use of drug, etc.      

Bipolar in Male and female:

Male and female has this mental illness disorder in equal numbers. The symptoms of it are different in both the gender.

Symptoms in Male:

Has substance misuse issues, act during manic time, diagnosed earlier in life of them, have thoughts of suicide, etc.

Female have Bipolar & their symptoms:

Has mild manic, alcohol use disorder, migraines, anxiety, obesity, thyroid issues, have manic and depressive episodes in a year for 4 times, etc.

Children are diagnosed by Bipolar:

Just like adults the children experiences bad high and low swings of mood. Sometimes children show extremely excited behavior and suddenly they become very lonely also sad.

Symptoms: talk rapidly and change subjects of talking in a second, does not feel tired after sleeping less, short temper, can’t focus, less energy, guilt, eat less or too much, etc.

Treatment: This mental disorder can only be treated by psychotherapy, medications, ECT.

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