Type 1 Diabetes : Is Type 1 diabetes serious? How to get rid ?

What is type 1 diabetes?

This is also called juvenile diabetes and insulin-dependent diabetes and it is a chronic disease which occurs when pancreas of the body does not produces little or no insulin. The insulin is an essential hormone for a person’s body needed to allow glucose to enter into the cell for the production of energy.

Different factors such as some viruses and genetics contribute in getting type 1 diabetes. This disease usually appears in childhood or adolescence then it develops in adults. From the beginning and until now so many experiments and studies had done but there is no cure for this disease.

By reading that it is incurable you definitely get a shock but you don’t need to get upset because I will tell you story of people who are dealing with type 1 diabetes. The story isn’t made up by me they are real and honest also helpful for you in dealing with type 1 diabetes.

Story of a person dealing with type 1 diabetes:

Maria’s Story:

Cathy is Maria’s mother and one night she got up to see Maria. Do you know what she saw? She saw that her daughter is covered with vomit. Cathy said ‘’it was my worst day of life also Maria was having a hard time to breathe and her lips were turned purple, I don’t know what to do.’’

I and my husband took her to a hospital in New Jersey. The doctors were also figuring out what has happened to her. Then they took X-rays and blood test. Give oxygen to Maria until the reports come and they figure out the problem. When blood reports of her came the doctor said ‘’she has diabetic ketoacidosis.’’ In this, there is a lack of insulin in the blood which prevents cells from getting the glucose they required for energy.

The EMT arrived and things were getting worse. Cathy said ‘’I heard saying a doctor that she can’t believe Maria would make it.’’ And she adds saying ‘’it was the worst thing I have ever heard.’’ They diagnosed her with type 1 diabetes. If left untreated then it can cause damage to the body and can be fatal.

Maria’s treatment was started and a certified diabetes educator, an expert coach helped us to manage the day to day challenges that come with type 1 diabetes. After that, I know how to adjust the insulin dose, how to review blood sugar levels.

‘’It took time for settlement of everything and to realize what is happening.’’ ‘’Well it is overwhelming at first, the doctor uses medical terms that you can’t think or hear them before. But we had a great team that was kind and caring.’’ Cathy said. I and my husband Tim always to their advice and they listen to us. Maria is back to normal in a way. Now we have confidence in managing Maria’s diabetes and are ready for the future.

Cathy Advice for you:

It is very easy to get frustrated but every child is different. You may not get perfect number, certain food will work and insulin also works as planned. Other days it won’t but never beat yourself over it. Just keep doing the best you can and keep the focus on moving forward.’’