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Low Carb Diet: Complete Diet forBeginners


Now in this world of technology, the problems are increasing day by day because it made the work easy and the people have less time or no time to do some physical activities. When a person does not try to do the physical work and sits at their sofa or chair and eats a lot of food more than the adequate quantity then that person becomes obese or gain weight more than the normal weight. However, science has already proven that saturated fat is harmless. Since then, more and more research has shown that Low Carb diets lose more than low-fat diets and improves the glucose, triglyceride and other health markers. Researchers have published their research in which they have demonstrated the effectiveness of cutting carbohydrates in the diet for once without counting calories and for overall health improvement.

Low-carb diets were demonized and considered to be detrimental to health primarily because they promoted a high consumption of fat, especially the saturated fat. You have to take high fat in the diet but in an appropriate way so that you do not increase your cholesterol level more than normal. The main perspective of Low Carb diets to be so effective in weight loss is because by reducing your intake of carbohydrates and eating more protein and fat, people feel satiated and automatically end up consuming fewer calories without having to think about controlling themselves. If you want to lose weight in weeks with low carbohydrate food then you are in the right place to know more about it.

What is Low Carb Diet?

Well it is adiet in which the consumers have to take carbohydrates in low amount and the consumerhas to intake fats in high amount but in an appropriate way. You don’t have totake the fats in most high quantity because if you do that then you will increaseyour cholesterol level. Each diet has its own food in which sometimes they havehigh amount of carbohydrates in it than that kind of food should be inhibited.There are many food items which have low carbohydrates in it that will be veryhelpful for you in this diet. 


1st Step:

You have to know how many kgs of weight you have to lose then you have to take this diet according to that weight limit. How much carbohydrate you have to eat that depends on several things, such as whether or not you practice physical activity, whether or not you are healthy, etc. The recommendations below are just a guide for you to get familiar with them. The idea really is to look for a nutritionist to accurately define the number of carbohydrates you need on a day to day basis.

20-50 gramsper day:

This range is the best for anyone who needs fast weight loss, andis suffering from obesity or diabetes. It should be noted here that Low-carb diets arenot zero-carbohydrates.Youhave many choices of vegetables and vegetables that have enough fiber butlittle sugar. Many people end up eating more salad when entering LC dietsthan before.

50-100 grams per day:

This range is great for losing weight without making effort whilemaintaining a little carbohydrate in your diet. For those who gain weighteasily with carbo. This range is perfect to maintain the weight as well.

100-150 grams per day:

This is a moderate consumption band and does notreach Low Carb. But it is well suited for healthy and active people who aretrying to dry the body without losing lean mass.

2nd Step:

It is important to know which food you have to avoid at any cost. The list below is just a general example.

You can eatand drink:

 Meat: Cow, chicken and others.

 Fish: Allkinds of fish and seafood are valid.

Eggs: White eggs are the best.

Dairy: Cheese, butter, sour cream, yogurt.

Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, carrots, and all kindsof greens in general.

Fats and oils: Coconut oil, butter, lard, olive oil andfish oil.

Nuts and seeds: Almonds, nuts, nuts, pumpkin seeds andsunflowers.


  •   Tea
  •   Water
  •   Coffee

It’s your choice to lose weight in short time orlong time and can increase or decrease the amount of carbohydrate in this diet.

In this case, you can consume those fromthe list below:

Fruits: Attention for the amount of fruit sugars. Thereare good fruit with low yes, like strawberries, avocados and others. 

Chocolate:  Prefer bitter, 70% more.

Gluten-free grains:  Rice, oats, etc.

Legumes:  Lentils and beans.

Tubers:  Potato, sweet potato, beet, carrot, etc.

Low Carb

You cannot eatthe things that are described below:

Processed and processed foods: If the food comes in a box and was madeinside a factory and it is best to avoid it.

Trans fat: Cut all types of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenatedfat, such as margarines.

Light and artificially low-fat products: Every “light” product, especiallydairy, is often rich in carbohydrates and stuffed with junk.

Grains with gluten: Wheat, rye and barley. Yes, thisincludes pastas, breads and beer.

Refined sugar: Soft drinks, fruit juice, ice cream, sweetsand cakes and anything that takes corn glucose or refined sugar.

3rd Step: Youhave to avoid some things that you should not be mistaken to eat them.


Protein increases satiety and helps speed up metabolism, compared to other macronutrients. Protein is a very important macronutrient, and many people consume it in insufficient quantity. In general, consuming more protein facilitates weight loss and improves lean body composition. Many people end up consuming too much protein following a low-carb menu.

And when that happens, your body has more protein than it needs and someof the protein’s amino acids turn into glucose, through a process calledgluconeogenesis. A good range of protein intake is 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of bodyweight more than that may be unnecessary.


Anything less than 150 grams of carbohydrate per day is already considered low carbohydrate and that amount are actually well below the normal in the western diet. Many people will get great results if they stay in this range, especially if the carbohydrates come from unprocessed foods.

We recommend that everyone interested in Low Carb diets get an experienceto reach the ketosis range below 50g carb per day, even for a short period oftime.


Most of the people think that cutting carbohydrates is good so cuttingout carbohydrates and fat is even better then carbohydrate. This is a bigmistake. By reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, you have to replace itwith another source of energy that is fat.

Accordingto science, there is no reason to be afraid of fat, as long as you avoid trans fat and reduce the consumption of vegetableoils (high in omega 6, quite inflammatory). Ifyou do not do this, you will end up feeling hungry, getting sick and will endup abandoning your diet.

 Dosage and Use:

The body’s preferred source of energy is carbohydrates. Whenthey are always available, the body will never prefer to burn fat. When you cutout carbohydrates, however, the body starts to get energy from another source,the fat. Be it the one that is stored or that comes from the food. It may take a fewdays until your body is adapted to burn fat instead of carb

During this time, you may feel a little strange, a littledifferent from normal. This is common and happens with a lot of people,especially when they are trying a low carb diet for the first time. So it isimportant to be patient and stay steady in the diet, especially in thebeginning. When your body’s metabolism is still adjusting to change. The importantthing is for you to test and find out which track best suits your goals. If youhave any health problems, it is important to talk to your doctor before makingany changes, because LC diets can drastically reduce the need for medicines.


Several research shows that people on low-carb diets lose more weightand lose weight faster than on low-fat diets, even whenthere are calorie restrictions in low-fat diets. In research comparing the twotypes of diet, the Low Carb diet lose 2 to 3 times more weight without starving. The higher the levels of HDL, the lower the riskof heart disease. By reducing triglyceride levels and increasingHDL, Low Carbdiets contribute a lot to improving this ratio.

Reprogram your metabolism to burn fatwith this method that is Low Carb diet. Hunger is the biggest enemy of any dietand the main cause of their abandonment. The great advantage of low-carbdiets is the automatic reduction of appetite. When people’s body replaces carbohydrates with fat then triglyceridelevels tend to drop dramatically. By cutting outcarbohydrates, you reduce or eliminate the need for insulin.

Thus both glucose and insulin levels fall significantlyin Low Carb diets. Low Carb diets are great for reducinghigh blood pressure. Also exceptional in combating a condition that is linkedto the risk of diabetes and heart disease called the metabolic syndrome.


Well there is no side effect it has onanyone who had tried this and they get their desired results not disappointmentor side effect.

Who can use this?

Anyone whohas the desire to lose weight just through the diet not by other things thenthey can assuredly follow this diet.

Who cannot use this?

The people who are happy with their obesity cannot try to use it because it’s their choice to adapt this Low Carb diet.