How To Stop Smoking

How To Stop Smoking Easy Ways

10 Important Tips to stop smoking and not getting fat:

Smoking is a very bad habit that has adverse effects on your health. You also know about it and want to quit smoking also by preventing the weight gain after it. Then start reading the above 10 most important tips:

1. First of all you have to promise with yourself that you will never smoke again in your life have and set a date then decide that after that you will not smoke not even a one cigarette. You have to keep your promise until your last breath and you should celebrate this with your friends and family.   

2. Remove your all cigarettes from your room and office or from any place you keep your cigarettes. Also get rid of your ashtrays and lighters. Don’t keep your cigarettes or lighters or ashtrays in your room as well as in your life.

stop smoking

3. Get help from your family and friends. They will motivate you to get rid of smoking. And by their motivation you will be more promising.

4. You have to think ‘’I am very happy that I have quit smoking and now I am a non smoker’’ and you don’t have to think ‘’I am missing my cigarettes and I want one cigarette’’ that thinking will not be helpful for you.

5. Even if you are having craving for the cigarettes and withdrawal of nicotine is making you feel less promising then you should divert your mind to any work you like the most like watch your favorite movie, call your friends and start enjoying with them, do your office or house work, spend your precious time with your family, enjoy music, etc.

6. If you don’t want to gain weight after you quit smoking then you should take a brisk walk daily that will be very helpful for you. Brisk walk means you have to walk very actively not with laziness or slowly. By doing that you will not gain weight in kilograms. You have to do it on a regular basis. Also, it will help to reduce your stress level and frustration for the quitting of smoking.

7. Drink plenty of water means you have to drink at least 8 glass of water daily on a regular basis. When you are having hunger cravings after you have already eaten some food then don’t go to eat more food to reduce your hunger craving. For the reduction of cravings, you have to drink water in an adequate amount and that will keep you full.  

8. Avoid the intake of sugary foods or drinks like fried food, sodas, beverages and convenience foods. Because by eating or drinking sugary products then you will gain weight. Eat healthy food like vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, etc that will keep your weight normal and also keep you healthy.

9. Eat healthy food with your full concentration without any kind of distractions also you focus on your eating like how much food you take or how you are chewing your food or how many calories you are taking in your body, etc everything should be done in an appropriate way. You should not eat anything with focusing your mind on two things at a same time like you are watching a TV and eating chips along with it then you are not enjoying your food properly. You should enjoy your food!

10. You are having thoughts of cigarettes and want to have one cigarette but you can’t have it. That feeling of yours is disturbing you emotionally. You should not start emotional eating because if you do that you will gain weight beyond your thinking.