How Many Calories Per Day To Lose Weight?

The calorie word is not just a word. It is a unit used to measure the energy. Calories are unit of energy used to measure what you eat or drink on a daily routine. So you need to lose weight by eating fewer calories in your meal or snacks on daily basis not for just one day or for weeks or months. You have to keep this healthy habit as long as you are alive. But now you will think you don’t have any calorie calculator so how you will know how much calories you intake in a day on daily basis. Well you can calculate your intake calories by knowing which thing you are eating has how many calories. So you should restricting your meals and snacks by limiting your calories intake.


There are some ways to reduce your weight by controlling your calories intake:

1. Decrease intake of carbohydrate:

Recent studies have shown that by reducing the intake of carbohydrates in your diet not by restricting your diet by adapting low fat diet, etc but by following a low carb diet which is very effective in reducing the weight in a healthy way. Also it is very beneficial for your health. And especially for the person who have diabetes and metabolic syndrome, etc. You have to eat low carb in about 5% amount, high fat and moderate amount of protein in your snacks and meals daily without cheating your diet. It also reduces the appetite and hunger cravings of you.

2. Avoid Fruit Juice and Sugary Drinks:

The exceptional change you can bring to your life is that quit drinking fruit juices and sugary drinks not just for days or weeks but for lifetime. Sugary drinks are those in which sugar is added more than normal limits. Today’s research work has shown that the rate of getting obesity is more in children except adults because of daily consumption of sweetened beverages like soft drinks. It does not lead to obesity problem but also so many healthy problems. Fruit juices are not good because they are rich with sugar and it is harmful for us.

3. Eat more protein in your diet:

You can lose weight by eating a diet full of protein that is very effective and it is the delicious way to reduce weight by making less efforts. The protein if taken in your diet is a filling nutrient. One study’s results shows that people who eat 30% of calorie as protein in their diet then they automatically intake 441 less calories per day. It will not only reduce your weight but also stops your body from weight regaining. Also boosts up your metabolism in order to fight with appetite cravings.

4. Drink more water:

Yes drink more water so your body will automatically fights with stored fat of your body and you lose weight in a healthy way. By drinking 8 glass of water in a day on daily routine then you can reduce 96 calories just in a day on regular basis. If you drink water before your meal or snacks then you eat fewer calories and also lower your hunger. In a week if you drink 0.5 liters of water before eating your meal then you can lose 44% more weight. If you eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water then you can lose weight more rapidly.

5. Exercise:  

Long-term restriction of low calorie sometimes lessens the working of metabolism. Also, the body burns less fat and muscle gets weak so to be active from head to toe you should do exercise but not hard ones just a little but helpful one.         

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