Heart Health : How can we check our heart health?

Heart Health

Why heart health is important for you?

Well, to live a better life and to have a disease-free body then you should take steps to have a healthy heart. You can improve your heart’s health by following the advice discussed in detail given below: 

1. Ways to manage your blood pressure:

If your blood pressure is controlled then your heart is good in working and if not then you have heart diseases.

i. Reduce salt in your diet:

Many studies have proved that salt has been linked to heart stroke and high blood pressure. Due to genetic difference in people some people are salt sensitive and some have high blood pressure issues.

It is worth lowering salt in your diet if you deal with High BP and you will notice changes in yourself. Do not eat processed foods and add herbs or spices rather than salt. Eat banana, tuna and drink milk they contain potassium which moves sodium out of the body.   

ii. Curb caffeine:

Do not drink caffeine such as coffee or tea they will slightly raise your blood pressure. If you lower its intake you have change in your blood pressure.

iii. Lose weight:

If you are obese or overweight then shed some pounds that will lower your blood pressure. For this purpose you should follow a healthy diet and do exercises but not hard ones.

iv. Do Exercise:

Official recommendations for exercise is a person should do exercise for at least half hour in some days of week. And it does not mean that going to gym, can be housework, washing your vehicle, gardening. Do aerobic activities like swimming, jogging, dancing, walking are good for heart.

v. Relax yourself:

By sitting in the sun can lower your blood pressure because it enhances feel good chemical called endorphins. Also try mind-body exercises such as tai chi and yoga. Reduced stress helps keep BP normal. Listen to your music that will calm you.

vi. Quit smoke:

It’s good for you to quit smoke for your heart’s health also for your overall health. When you smoke cigarette every time your blood pressure goes up. And if you need help for this purpose then seek a doctor’s help.

2. Tips to control your cholesterol:

i. Reduce saturated fat:

Saturated fat is found in cheese, butter, cakes, cream, pastries, meat, and sausages. It is harmful for your body because it raises the level of cholesterol. To reduce it you should use low fat cooking methods by swapping frying with boiling, baking and grilling. Eat less cream, butter and cheese.

ii. Eat food to lower it:

Eat soup made with lentils and beans in salads for 3-4 times in a week it will lower your cholesterol. Have porridge in your diet is good in decreasing the cholesterol. Add dry oats, cereals, oatcakes, muesli and barley in diet.

Vegetable and fruits are rich in Vitamin C and have antioxidants that can help you to keep your heart healthy. For example have banana in breakfast, vegetable soup or salad in lunch, salad and vegetable in dinner for 5 or 10 days. They all will lower cholesterol in your body. 

iii. Reduce intake of alcohol:

By drinking alcohol it increases the triglycerides in your body. So reduce its intake and your cholesterol stabilizes.

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