Eat Sweet and Drink More Fatty Water Yet? It makes bad?


Yes by eating sweet or drinking more fatty water affects your health in bad way. You must think that sugar is good for your health such as for your sugar level, etc but you are not quite right about this point of view of yours. The sugary foods are not very beneficial for you especially for your health. If you consume sugar in high amounts by drinking sweetened beverages or by eating baked foods, sugary cereals, etc. that will leads you to the heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Side Effects:

1. Increase risk of heart disease:

A study has shown that more than 30,000 people who consumed 17 to 21% of calories by having sugar in their meals had a greater risk of dying with heart disease by comparing it with those who consume 8% of calories from sugar. The sugar has proved itself as an opponent for the health of yours. If you drink one soda can then you know how much calories you are taking in well you are taking 52 grams of sugar in your body which means 10% of sugar you take in a day which is apparently equal to your daily calorie consumption.

Increase risk of heart disease

2. Obesity:

Obesity is a disease in which a person gains weight more than normal weight. The rate of obesity is increasing due to sugary foods and drinks. Most of the sugary foods contain fructose that increases the hunger and desire for appetite. To reduce your hunger you drink sweetened beverages because they are easy to get so that doesn’t increases your hunger but becomes a reason to gaining of your weight.

3. Diabetes:

High sugar consumption is responsible for the resistance of insulin a hormone produced by pancreas that regulates the blood sugar level in your body. When sugar act as a resistance to insulin then the risk of getting diabetes increases for the person. The recent studies shows that sweetened drinks like fruit juice increases the sugar level in your body and you will become a patient of diabetes as soon as possible.

4. Depression:

Well a healthy diet improves your mood in a very natural way and when you take sugary food and drinks your mood becomes very bad and leads you to depression. The blood sugar swings and neurotransmitter deregulation, etc all are the due to sugar’s adverse effects on mental health. By eating sweet and drinking fatty water increases the depression in both the male and female.

5. Decreases your energy:

Due to your bad eating habits the blood sugar level in your body increases the blood swing that leads to fluctuations in your energy. The increase in your energy is only fleeting. You eat sweet and drinks fatty water that has more sugar except the proteins, fat or fiber, etc all these are a source of your energy but you only take sugary foods that increases your energy but that energy is not advantageous for you.

6. Fatty liver:

Liver is responsible for the breakdown of sugar into energy or gets stored in the form of glycogen. And liver can only stores a limited quantity of glycogen because excess amounts are turned into fat. When high amounts of fructose overloads your liver your liver becomes fatty liver. And it is not good for you also its characteristics are that fat buildup in excess quantity.

7. Gout:

It is an inflammatory condition that a main characteristic of it is that pain in joints in whole body. It is due to sweet food and fatty water and increases uric acid level in your body.           

Prevention for this problem:

The best prevention for you is that leave this habit of yours that is sweet eatables and drinking fatty water. Once you get control of your sugary foods and drinks then you become less worried and very healthy.

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