Eat Less Decrease Stomach?

Eat Less Decrease Stomach? Shrink Stomach Size ?

The stomach is an organ that is responsible for the digestion process. It is located in the abdomen cavity under the esophagus. The digestion which occurs due to the stomach is carried out through various processes. The walls of the stomach contracts to churn the food and it secretes gastric juice that helps to digest the food. When the stomach is empty then its walls expand for the accommodation of food. Also, food gets stored in the stomach before it goes to the digestive tract. Sometimes you eat food more than the adequate amount then you will have vomit. You often eat unhealthy food that also disturbs your stomach. Then you get diseases like diarrhea, constipation, etc. Also due to unhealthy food the fats you take with it that gets stored in the stomach and you get a fat belly.

Eat Less Decrease Stomach

If you want to lose your stomach fat then you should eat less but sometimes it effects and sometimes not. The idea behind this that by eating less you can reduce your stomach and it will store less food, you will feel less hungry. Also, you will get your desired shape in the form of a slim body. But eating less will not make less stomach because eating less leads to diseases related to malnutrition, osteoporosis, electrolyte imbalance, gout and sometimes even death occurs. Also, it causes fatigue, cold intolerance, weakness, swelling of hands and feet, etc. You intake less calorie in your diet that’s why you get all the side effects. It slows down the metabolic rate of your body. The body starts burning the muscle instead of fat that makes difficult for the person to lose weight in an appropriate way.

When a person stays on this low-calorie diet he or she gets bored due to it and when they return to their routine eating habits then they gain weight.

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