Breast Cancer : How does breast cancer start?

What Is Breast Cancer ?

It is the most common and intrusive cancer in women and after lung cancer this is the main cause of death of women in the world. About 40,610 women die from this disease. In this disease the cells of breast starts replicating without control. This kind of breast cancer depends on cells which cause cancer in it. It starts in different parts of the organ and breast has three main parts which are ducts, lobules and connective tissues.

The ducts are that part of tubes which carry milk to the nipple. And lobules are glands which produces milk. The connective tissue consists of fatty tissue and fibrous and it is responsible for surrounding and holding of everything together. Many breast cancer starts in lobules or ducts. In some severe cases the cancer spreads outside of the breasts through lymph vessels or blood vessels. And in chronic condition this breast cancer spreads to other parts of body and it is called metastasized.


  1. Change in shape of breast
  2. Peeling or scaling of skin
  3. Rashes
  4. Pain in armpits


There are different ways to stage the breast cancer and cancer is staged according to tumor’s size.

Stage 0: This stage is known ductal carcinoma in situ they are in the ducts and does not spreads in nearby tissues.

Stage 1: In this the tumor is up to 2 centimeters and it does not affect the lymph nodes.

Stage 2: Tumor has started in nearby nodes.

Stage 3: The cancer cells may have spread in lymph nodes.

Stage 4: The tumor has been spread to other body parts like lungs, liver, brain and bones.

Types of Breast Cancer:-

There are two major types of it and are diagnosed in so many women you can’t even guess. They are described below:

Invasive Lobular Carcinoma:

Cancer cells starts to spread from lobules (that are glands which results in producing milk) to the tissues of breasts because they are close to each other. These cancerous cells spread to other parts of body in less time.

Symptoms: swelling in breasts, change in appearance of skin, area of it gets thick, etc.

How it is diagnosed?

It is diagnosed by using these methods and that are ultrasound scans of axilla and breasts, X-ray, breast examination, core biopsy, fine needle aspiration (FNA).

Treatment: Breast conserving surgery, Surgery of lymph nodes, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, etc.

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma:

In this the cancer cells grows outside of the duct also other parts of the body and known as metastasize.

Symptoms: redness, lumps in underarm area, thickening of skin, dimpling, pain in particular part of breasts, etc.


It includes a variety of methods to see that you have breast cancer or not and they are physical examination of breasts, MRI of breast, mammography, biopsy, incisional biopsy, excisional biopsy, etc.  

Treatment of it: Mastectomy, Axillary node dissection, hormonal therapy, sentinel node biopsy, breast reconstruction, chemotherapy, lumpectomy, biologic targeted therapy, radiation.   

 Valentina’s Story:

She is a survivor of this breast cancer and don’t go anywhere just continue your reading. The words ‘’you have cancer’’ seems to be like you are drowning in a dark ocean and can’t be saved. You are going through the chemotherapy, surgery recovery, etc you just have to trust your doctor also the nurse because they come to inject you with care. After 8 months of this process, you turn back to the landscape of your life and consider your return to your daily life routine.

Someone said to me that after treatment cancer will come back but every morning I think to myself that I am a lucky one. And it will not come back not to me. After a year passed breast cancer did not come back to me. Ah!!! Freedom! Me and my husband planted daffodil, paperwhite bulbs in garden for spring.

One day I had pain in my shoulder so I reported to nurse and her words was ‘’uh oh’’. And doctor said they have to do some tests on me. I said ok I am ready and when my reports came back the cancer has returned. The doctors start the treatment and nothing happened then they told me one last hope is surgery then I went for it.

I recover from breast cancer but the recurrence was terrible. My advice to my sisters is you should face the truth and never give up!

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